Helping Our Nasty Blonde Babysitter Break In Her New Apartment!

"This is another hot "babysitter" adventure....I just can't get enough of this cute, young thing....:) Hubby and I were home alone one night, and we were board!! Nothing was on TV and we wanted to go out, but weren't sure where to go. Well, the next thing you know our phone rings and it was our babysitter, Chrissy!!"

"...We rushed over there with great anticipation as to what Chrissy had in mind, but we both knew what we had in mind....we were going to christen her new apartment!! After we arrived and got the tour, which only took a few minutes, we had a seat on her blow up mattress since that was basically the only furniture she had!!! Okay, now, what do you think is going to happen is you are sitting on a blow up mattress?? You're right, and I think that's what Chrissy was hoping for too!!"

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